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Welcome to Marathon Couriers. The goal of our company is to offer honest, efficient, personal service with integrity and dependability, while still keeping it affordable. We are determined to go the extra mile for you.

Our concept is simple. Marathon Couriers believes that a courier service should be seen as an extension of your business. That means maintaining the integrity of your business. When our couriers walk through the doors of your business they will maintain your level of professionalism. It also means that you feel comfortable that your package will be treated carefully and securely. Finally, this means that your package will get to its end destination on time and to the appropriate person. So often courier services don’t take the time needed to ensure packages/parcels have been delivered and accounted for properly. We make it our mission to do otherwise.

Brenda Housholder
Brenda brings a wealth of experience to Marathon Couriers. In fact she brings over 30 years of business and management experience. Over 17 years of this experience has been in the transportation/warehousing industry. Brenda spent many years helping build another successful transportation/warehouse business. She began as a courier and worked her way to Senior Vice President. Along the way she accrued invaluable knowledge of the industry. Now it is time for the next step in her career. Brenda will now immerse herself in her entrepreneurial dream. She will utilize her knowledge and experience to help create another strong, ethical and professional courier service.